Treesystem s.r.l. was founded in 2010 from a revolutionary idea of ground fixing that proposes an innovative anchoring principle for the current state of the art in the foundations, but used for an indefinite time in nature. It reproduces the method by which trees cling and hold onto the ground, thereof the name “treesystem”. After a trial that confirmed the effectiveness of the principle, it has been applied for international patent.

The device, first launched and strengthened beside electric material wholesalers and ironmongers, finds its success in the photovoltaic industry where, integrated to a smart and innovative structure, meets sector’s professional requirements and in the road signalling where it’s employed by important public administration and installation companies. TreeSystem has already build up more than 2000 ground mounted pv plants in different countries.

Our planning office aims to improve products and to find new applications in order to expedite the implementation. TreeSystem wants to eliminate installation complexities avoiding the employment of skilled labour and special equipments, therefore it’s feasible a cost reduction.

Vision: “Becoming the ground plug”.
Mission: “Avoid the concrete, where possible, and simplify the installation methods in the ground in the larger number of professional and other areas.”

Photovoltaic - Traffic Sign - Gardening - Fences - Urban Furniture - Electric Material



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