Pv racking system for landfill

We are aware of the difficulites of installing a photovoltaic plant on landfills, dumps, abandoned areas and areas with environment-related limitations. One of the main problems are the continuous variations in stability of waste level, stability of the ground, of the containment structures (e.g. enbankments) that alter through time. This problem, together with the impossibility of an invasive penetration of the ground, to avoid damaging the geomembrane, makes Treesystem the ideal solution because it combines the low invasiveness of its installation with a height-adjustable structure, enlarging its already wide usage spectrum.

In fact, Treesystem offers:

  • An innovative solution for dumps capable of coping with variations in the ground level through time, thanks to its reliable and adjustable frame.
  • A double-pole anchoring system with inclined inserts, which ensure a low invasiveness level, preserving the integrity of geomembranes.
  • No cost of expensive machinery, as even just a jackhammer is enough for installation
  • Possibility to install even with solid obstacles, such as rocks, stones or asphalt.
  • Quick and easy to install, no need for specialized staff.
  • Much more reliable and efficient than poles or screws foundation.



4,59 MW Wales – Great Britain


2,29MW Chemnitz-Germany

1,012 MW Flintshire, Brookhill, Great Britain






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