TreeSystem device

Treesystem device is an intuition that aims to quicken and simplify ground installation. Since the very beginning, the anchoring system gets important resistence results, therefore it has been required local patent in the first instance and international patent at a later stage. The basic principle consists in the contraposition of at least two oblique inserts that are referred to an anchoring base, which determine the penetration tilt in the soil mass. In doing so, a volume of ground that may be defined as a rather wide breaking bulb comes to be affected, in relation to the lenght of the anchoring inserts too. Once forced into the ground in opposite directions, they block the device that remains on the surface.

It replicates tree roots effect that guarantees stability and resistance to the uprooting.


The main advantages are determined by the fact that:

IT AVOIDS THE FOOTING: It allows avoiding the concrete footing, with a considerable saving of time and labour by skipping out excavation, casting and setting time for the materials.

SIMPLE AND RAPID: It is installed in a very few minutes by very common work means and it is immediately stable and strong. In the simplest applications by using a common hammer, while in those more functional a jackhammer. It doesn’t require a highly specialized worker.

NO SOIL REMOVAL: By avoiding the excavation, it preserves the physical properties of the soil. A particularly important feature at the top of embankments and anyhow subject to ground sinking.

LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: It does not use chemical agents, does not remove material and it has a greatly reduced invasiveness compared to systems currently in use (it requires a greatly reduced vertical penetration compared to foundations types such as fixed poles, foundations screws and the like.) At the end of its life cycle, it is easily and completely disposable.

STRONG AND RELIABLE: Its strength is proven by dynamometric tests carried out at a depth of 45 cm in critical situations on various type of soils.

Applicability in particular conditions

TreeSystem device is useful even in critical conditions where many others find it difficult to work. The particular installation method allows to the inserts to work as chisels passing through obstacles merged into the soil or due to the soil itself. Applications in particular circumstances are:

Presence of stones in the soil

In the presence of stones on the soil mass, inserts work as chisels breaking the stone and then penetrating the ground.


dispositivo di ancoraggio per fondo presenza sassi

Installation on asphalt, concrete and rock

With a preventive drilling, it is also applicable on asphalt, concrete and rock.



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