Welcome to TreeSystem

TreeSystem s.r.l. produces anchoring systems based on an innovative principle for which an international patent has been required. The system conceived with the intent to realize the “ground-plug”, quick and easy  but economical, versatile and revolutionary at the same time.

Simplicity and effectiveness make treesystem useful for countless applications, professional and Do It Yourself both. Applications for lighting, street signs and furniture, gardening, fences and Structures for photovoltaic power plants.

TreeSystem for electric material

Many other applications can be developed wherever it’s necessary to avoid the concrete. TreeSystem’ s devices are realized with 100% recyclable materials and despite the tensile strength it’s easily removable.

Download the brochure “TreeSystem Anchoring Devices“.

Photovoltaic -   Traffic Sign -   Gardening -   Fences -   Urban Furniture -   Electric Material



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