A revolutionary idea

TreeSystem was born in 2010 from a revolutionary idea of ground mounting.
In the market of ground mounting solutions, the patented TreeSystem anchoring device represents a decisive innovation that immediately meets the favor of professionals and industry leaders.


The TreeSystem in a short time becomes one of the reference foundation technologies for ground-mounted structures, alongside the traditional systems that avoid the concrete plinth, such as driven piles and foundation screws, overcoming many of their limitations.
the device

All over the world

Through promotion and participation in international trade fairs, TreeSystem products immediately meet the favor of a wide audience.

In the first year of activity, TreeSystem was chosen for the construction of one of the largest solar parks in Italy and successfully establishes itself in the solar photovoltaic industry.

In 2012 TreeSystem products were already being used in 15 Countries, today in more than 50.
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The close cooperation between technical department, sales, manufacturing and logistics, combined with an innovative ground fixing solution, made TreeSystem a leading manufacturing company in the ground mounted solar industry.


Starting in 2010 and over the years, manufacturing and production processes have been vertically integrated: the company grows and opens, in 2020, the new headquarter and warehouse.

Today, TreeSystem activities are divided in its two locations in Padua, with the following departments: manufacturing, design & development, sales dept and finished products warehouse.

our solutions

The TreeSystem ground mounting system boasts countless applications
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