The installation of a photovoltaic system on landfill notoriously presents many difficulties. The main problem lies in the continuous variation of stability due to the waste settlement, combined with the discontinuity of the terrain, slopes and embankments (slope erosion), which change over time altering the lay of the land.

When adopting deep foundations is not possible, TreeSystem represents the ideal choice for this type of soil.

Thanks to its limited and guaranteed embedment depth, the patented anchorage combined with a height-adjustable structure ensures a stable and constant hold over time.

Its strength is determined by the portion of soil involved in the oblique penetration of the inserts into the ground. Considering an equal embedment depth, it is much more resistant than driven pile or screw foundations.

The TreeSystem mounting system for landfill offers:
  • An innovative solution capable of dealing with changes in the ground level over time, thanks to the adjustable frame
  • An anchoring system with oblique inserts that guarantee a minimally invasive installation (< 50 cm), which preserves the integrity of the geomembranes
  • No use of expensive and heavy pile driving machines: an electro-pneumatic hammer is sufficient in order to perform installation
  • Applicable even in the presence of obstacles in the ground such as rocks, pebbles or other
  • Quick and easy assembly: the presence of specialized personnel is not strictly necessary
  • Better performance on unstable ground compared to traditional mounting systems



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